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We're here to help

We try our hardest to make SEND parenting just a little less stressful

A support group for parents & carers of
children with Special Educational Needs
and/or Disabilities (SEND). Set up & run
by parents with SEND children. It’s never
easy being a special needs parent/carer.
All we seem to do is fight for one thing or
another for our children. It can be a daily
struggle for a lot of us.
Our main aim is to provide a safe,
welcoming, non-judgemental space for
SEND Children and their families to meet
and play in and around Portsmouth.
Being a parent is a hard job, being a
SEND parent/carer is even tougher and it
can be lonely and isolating too!
We are a group of SEND mums who
realised that there is very little in
the city that we can do with all of our
children, most SEND activities are
exclusively for the SEND child, but all
of our activities are open to the whole
SEND family.

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