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Top of the stairs........

Updated: Dec 11, 2022

I'm currently standing at the top of my stairs glaring down at my 12 year old autistic daughter as she is sat on the floor in her pajamas still at 11.12am on a Monday!! Grinning away thinking she's hilarious and refusing to move or get dressed for school.......whilst I have counted 1-10 in my head about a million times this morning to try and stop from having a meltdown myself!!!!

Believe me I have tried EVERYTHING to get her moving......phoned her school, told her her teachers wernt happy with her......told her her dad would come get her!!....she just screamed "no" & still refused to move!!! Told her no ipad or TV or Halloween party!!!......she just looked at me with those crazy but beautiful eyes then grinned at me like the Cheshire cat from Alice in wonderland (mollie would fit right in in wonderland lol) then she looked away from me and just started chatting to her self in her own mollie world......she never budged an inch 😡🤯

Now I can hear some of you saying....."well just get her up and start dressing her yourself!?"....... for those who know mollie....I don't need to explain a thing in response to that!! But for those who don't I will indulge you in the scene.......

Went into mollies bedroom this morning to wake her as normal for school..... firstly have to pull ALL bedding off of her to even get a response! Take her pillow from under her head.....her Teddy she was currently bear hugging and then proceeded to encourage her to get up!

This involves tickling, singing at her (which she hates!!) then eventually trying to lift and tip the mattress in the hope I can roll her off the bed......never works!! Need 2 people for that to mollie throws herself about whilst she clings onto the mattress for dear life like she is hanging from a cliff or something!!! Whilst I end up giving in as I feel something click in my back and hobble away from the bed.........😬

Now mollie needs to be sat up as she has to take medication every morning.....I hold out my hand to her and say I'll help her sit up, she gives me her hand like a dead weight, not holding my hand in return, and there is literally no attempt to help lift herself up as I try to pull her up......I try, really try but that voice of reason in my head who is currently hiding behind my frustration and anger shouts at me to let go before I regret it.......bit late as I get booted in the side from Mollies leg that 2 seconds before was a dead weight!! 😳

I give up for a while......only so much counting in my head I can take!! Given up trying to even make it to 10 now.....1,2,3,4...1,2,3,4.......I need a fag!!!

I get my other daughter sorted and off to school.......late!! AGAIN!! (because of mollie!) Thanks to my friend for taking her after dropping her own kid to school.....

As I'm about to go out for Another fag! I hear the dulcet thuds of mollies feet running into the bathroom!! I'm not a runner but bugger me if I didn't take my stairs 2 at a time!!.....swung open the bathroom door whilst she sat on the toilet..(something she does to me on DAILY basis, so don't feel sorry for her!! ) & stood there and gave her her medicine before she even knew what was happening!! Score!!! One to me!!!!

Mollie then finished in the bathroom and came out with a look of disgust on her face that I'd managed to get her to have her meds!....I just knew she was gonna make a break for it back to her bedroom so I blocked her path....she didn't hesitate for a second and turned around to make a dash to my room & my bed......I grabbed the back of her pajama top as that's all I could reach at the speed she was going!! Shouted at her "no, it's school time".....when she decided that her response to that was to drop down onto the to the pile of dirty washing at the top of the stairs!!'m currently standing at the top of the stairs glaring down at my 12 year old autistic daughter........... me please!!!!! 😳🤪🤦🤦


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